What our customers are saying

I was a student at the United Conservatory of Music for ten years. Since I was eight years old, I had the pleasure of taking guitar lessons from Dan Howard, who has taught me everything I know about the instrument. Through my time at UCOM, I have gained lots of experience performing in front of audiences at various recitals and festivals. I have also had the pleasure of meeting other members of UCOM’s team. UCOM has an excellent team of instructors who are all very friendly and knowledgeable about what they do. Each instructor has their own unique style and they are all extremely talented musicians. I would highly recommend enrolling your child in lessons at UCOM, he or she would be lucky to receive lessons from any one of UCOM’s instructors. Whether it is guitar, piano, drums, or voice lessons, there is an instructor eager to take on new students, waiting to introduce them to the wonderful world of music.

Zack Lukasiewich

My experience at the UCOM was a wonderful one. I was involved in both keyboard and guitar lessons for over 11 years altogether. I learned that it is very important to let your creative side flow when it comes to learning new instruments, and the instructors at the UCOM are more than welcoming of that. From learning, basic techniques to playing popular songs, improvising, and performing in concerts and the annual music festival, everything I did and learned was so fun and rewarding. Ultimately, music is something that you can use, discover, and cherish for your whole life. It is a wonderful gift for anyone to have!

Karlee Moch

Our children have been taking music lessons, both piano and guitar, at UCOM for the past 8 years. The teachers are wonderful with the kids. They are encouraging and know how to challenge them without anyone becoming frustrated. Our kids have always enjoyed attending lessons, whether with a group or on their own. Spring and Fall “concerts” are always a pleasure to attend. The yearly festival is a great showcase for all to perform and compete at their best. Al and Dan are very accomplished performers themselves and the kids definitely see their passion in music through their teaching.

Deanna & Shannon Spencer

Recently I purchased a Taylor 322CE 12-fret from Evangelos Music. They have a wide selection of acoustics with entry level to top- end Martin, Gibson, and Taylor instruments available. I really appreciated the time that James and his staff spent in helping me find the right guitar. They were patient and took the time to answer any questions I had. I would highly recommend Evangelos Music for your next purchase.

Lorne Hustak